Monday, December 10, 2012

Black Loon Lake by S.L. Coelho

Thriller, novella

Black Loon Lake, an isolated, rugged retreat for those who desire great fishing and privacy. Tranquil, timeless and treacherous. Those who venture there, are dying to see it.

Reactions to Black Loon Lake:

...If you enjoy that sensation of having your guts twisted up in a knot with fear, you have to read Black Loon Lake! 
...The perfect summer read. A thrill for less than a cup of coffee, and one that will stay with you a lot longer!...
...gave me the chills...
...couldn't put it down - your writing is clear, vivid and engaging...
...awesome. It captured my attention; I didn't want to stop reading until I saw how it ended!
...really good, I loved it. My adult daughter insisted on reading it - she loved it! 
...scary!!! My stomach was instantly in a knot...
...vivid, believable characters. Love the ending!
...I'm never camping again...

From the Author

Black Loon Lake was always intended to be a novella. People lead busy lives, they're asking for shorter reads which they can fit into their hectic schedules. This novella addresses the need for quick entertainment - it's not a huge time commitment, but a story which will stick with many.

Although Black Loon Lake is fictitious, the impetus behind the plot is not, which makes it thrilling, compelling, and frightening.  I hope you enjoy the title, and if you find yourself in the middle of no-where, remember - you're on your own~

S.L. Coelho grew up in southern Manitoba, where she (frightened) entertained her younger siblings with tall tales. As she matured, these tales blossomed into written works, which found a home in her high school locker, only to be thrown out every June. It was from her grandparents’ small library she discovered the vehicle to be transported to captivating worlds. She prefers works in horror/paranormal, thriller and historical fiction, but she has read all genres. Her list of ‘must read’ books grows weekly, deciding which title to read first is the true challenge. She has eclectic taste in music, which ranges from Handel’s Messiah to Nickelback. When she’s not writing or reading, she procrastinates by indulging in the occasional raucous game of Texas Hold’em or 9-ball, but she is just as happy engaged in a challenging game of chess. Prior to her experience as a former literary-based preschool instructor, she managed a successful Applied Behavioral Analysis team for several years, where her technical writing experience became an asset. She resides in British Columbia, with her two youngest children, and her husband who loves her in spite of her imperfections, she considers herself a lucky woman.

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