Saturday, February 1, 2020

Keith Brandon: The IAN Interview

Keith Brandon

I was born in Hungary. After finishing my schools, I set my foot abroad, started in Copenhagen, then worked on cruise ships for a few years, then finally settled in UK, where I have finished my first books.

My time in hospitality, I guess thought me a lot about people, met loads of them on my cruise ship years, valuable experiences all and I guess these young years is where I got my sense of humor.

IAN: Please tell us about your latest book.

Keith Brandon: My latest book is Lost Universe, a unique look at the aliens and the galaxy and us humans. We find out that we have a role in reshaping the universe in ways we did not imagine. Dealing with the aliens for real, who may not be as evil and invading as we thought for long time. Then we get answers of why they visited us so much and what part is our race playing to change things that are irreversible for the entire galaxy. A hard-core sci-fi.

IAN: Is Lost Universe published in print, e-book or both?

Keith Brandon: It is published in Print and eBook and soon in audible too.

IAN: Where can we go to buy your book?

Keith Brandon: On Amazon.  

IAN: What inspired you to write Lost Universe

Keith Brandon: I always wanted to tell my stories since I was a little kid. First, I was addicted to Star Wars, then comic books, X-Men was the favourite. It was unique for me as it was just about fighting. It was deeper in character profiles.

IAN: How did you come up with the title?

Keith Brandon: It was not called Lost Universe at first. As I was telling my dad about the story, he just came up with it.

IAN: How much of Lost Universe is realistic?

Keith Brandon: In a sense it is. As it deals with real life issues as well, just in galactic proportions. How will us humans fit in with so many aliens? How will they react to us? Will we be in galactic battles, just as we seen it in movies back on Earth? Will they share with us their knowledge and tech wisdom?

IAN: How is Lost Universe different from others in your genre?

Keith Brandon: It is different in many ways, as usual, alien/UFO stories are always about invading Earth, kidnapping people, and I thought, wait a minute, how about if turn this around for once? How about if the aliens actually want something from us, that is worthwhile.

IAN: What books have influenced your life the most?

Keith Brandon: The Sword of Truth from Terry Goodkind and Asimov’s Foundation.

IAN: What book are you reading now?

Keith Brandon: One from T. Goodkind. Called Witch’s Oath. This is book number 21 in the series, hard to put it down. I guess it beats other famous authors in the genre.

IAN: Are there any new authors that have caught your interest?

Keith Brandon: I’ve tried a few but didn’t stay with any for long. I am always looking out for new ones.

IAN: Do you see writing as a career?

Keith Brandon: Yes, totally.

IAN: Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?

Keith Brandon: Shortly after I saw Star Wars-A New Hope.

IAN: Do you have any advice for other writers?

Keith Brandon: Yes, keep writing, read more and don’t give up. Is not an easy thing nowadays to get out there with your work and get known. Persisting is the key. If I could do it so can you.

IAN: Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

Keith Brandon: I hope you will like the story as much I enjoyed writing it, and hope you will be well entertained and have a different mind about aliens after reading it.

IAN: Tell us about your next book or a work in progress. Is it a sequel or a stand-alone?

Keith Brandon: It is the sequel to Lost Universe, going to be a lot of battles, pursuing philosophical questions, unexpected, turns...nonstop action.