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Jeannie Walker on BLOGTALK RADIO

Join me Friday, June 3, 2011 9:00 A.M Pacific Daylight Time-11:00 A.M. CDT/ 10:00 A.M.MDT/ 12:00/Noon EDT for a blogtalkradio program that will have you riveted to the show as I talk about the unexplained phenomena and supernatural elements that permeate this TRUE crime drama.

Call 347-994-1903 to listen or press 1 to join the conversation and talk to the author. The chat room will be open on theblogtalkradio website where you can listen to the show and ask questions in the chat room. Carra Riley -

"Fighting The Devil" is a True Crime story of consuming passion, deadly poison and murder written by Jeannie Walker.

Jeannie Walker is an Award Winning Author -



The Indie Excellence Awards are reserved for the “best of the best” in books published in various genres. The criteria for recognition are stringent and include overall excellence in presentation. This award celebrates the highest achievements in independent press and self-publishing, a sector of the industry that has grown exponentially in recent years.

"Fighting the Devil" is a saga of murder, abuse, embezzlement, poison, and premonitions. Readers who enjoy suspense, strong female leads, and crime drama, will cling to every word.

Jeannie Walker is a real-life Sherlock Holmes. She follows the evidence to "Fight The Devil."

Jerry Sternadel, a self-made Texas millionaire, Jeannie's ex-husband was poisoned to death in 1990. While hospitalized, he told nurses and doctors alike that he was being poisoned. The staff did not heed his frantic pleas, allowing the suspects continued access to him as he lay dying in the hospital.

No arrests were made for three years. Read about the woman ultimately convicted of first-degree murder and then sentenced with only a fine and a lengthy probation. The convicted murder was finally sent to prison a full 13 years after she committed the murder because she violated her probation.

To this day, a main suspect has yet to be brought to justice. There is a twisted triangle "hate" that will chill you to the bones.

Walker, who played a key role in helping law enforcement investigate many aspects of the murder, says she felt compelled to write the book. "I owe my ex-husband a voice, as he no longer has one," she says, adding that "when I see injustice, I want to fight it." She continues that fight now by raising new awareness of her ex-husband's case. The ex-wife-turned sleuth and author says that she hopes fans of crime stories have an appreciation of the pain, trauma, and grueling battle for justice that the family and friends of real-life victims experience. Additionally, she wants them to realize that if their lives are ever touched by anything as horrific as a murder, "they have the ability and right to become their loved one's advocate, and to become their own, real-life Sherlock Holmes."

This is a must listen to show as some day you might be seeing the story on the BIG SCREEN!

Jeannie Walker's story aired on TV as a segment of The True Crime Story on "Current Affair" and "SNAPPED" Season 1, Episode 12:

Twenty years after the murder, Jeannie Walker penned "Fighting the Devil". Walker had fought the devil even before her ex-husband was murdered, but was she prepared for the unexplained phenomena of the evil supernatural being from the belly of hell?

Connect with the Author of "Fighting The Devil," Jeannie Walker:


twitter @JeannieWalker1

buy the book on Amazon

Jeannie Walker website

Video book trailer

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John W. Huffman: The IAN Interview

John W. Huffman talks about his latest novel and how a journal he kept during his combat tour of duty in Vietnam in 1966-67 became an award winning novel in 2011.

John W. Huffman was born in Hemphill, Texas, attended elementary school in Pineland, Texas, junior high and high school in Jasper, Texas, and graduated summa cum laude from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.

John enlisted in the Army Airborne in 1966 and served two tours of combat duty in Vietnam, the first as a private, and subsequently a sergeant, with Alpha Company, 1/27th Infantry, 25th Infantry Division, in 1966-67, the second as an officer/aviator with the 120th Aviation Company in 1972-73. He retired as a major in 1986 with three Purple Hearts, three Bronze Stars, sixteen Air Medals, one Army Commendation Medal, two Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry Medals, and various other service and campaign ribbons.

Upon retiring from the military, John launched a real estate sales and management company, SouthCorp Properties, Inc., which he still owns and operates today. He previously owned and operated seven speedways in five states, created an automobile racing and sanctioning body, the American Racing Association, and developed three touring series.

In 2010 John won two Next Generation National Indie Book Awards for A Wayward Wind and Tiger Woman, and one National Indie Excellence Book Award for The Baron of Clayhill. In 2011 John’s Above All won a Next Generation National Indie Book Award, and America’s Diplomats won a National Indie Excellence Book Award. His latest novel, Searching For Leah, is scheduled for release in July, 2011.

IAN. Please tell us about your latest book.

JH. America’s Diplomats powerfully portrays the Vietnam conflict’s initial phase when patriotism still reigned supreme. All wars spawn simple heroes from youthful naivety as boy-soldiers evolve into weathered combat veterans. Young Jay Sharpe is no exception. Born into a long lineage of patriots, he never questions his generation’s call to arms. Filled with wanderlust and rarely sure of what he wants, but knowing precisely what he does not want, a predictable marriage to his high school sweetheart and looming job at the local sawmill in his small hometown after graduation, he gallops off to the nearest Army recruiter to become Private John Joseph Sharpe, All-American hero. After rigorous training, he emerges as one of the Army’s elite paratroopers and eagerly sails off to Vietnam and the golden opportunities awaiting him there—a near fatal encounter with the 9th North Vietnamese “Ghost” Regiment in the legendary battle of Attleboro, the largest land engagement of the entire war effort. His gripping tale of the trials of a soldier in our nation’s most controversial confrontation is a graphic chronicle of love, hate, hope, and despair in an era of uncertainty and misdirection.

IAN. How long did it take to write the book?

JH. I wrote the first draft of this novel as a memoir and rewrote it in 2010 as Military Fiction.

IAN. What inspired you to write America’s Diplomats?

JH. There were two reasons I wanted to write this book. First, for my son, and second, to honor the men I served with. Attleboro was the largest ground battle of the Vietnam war and my company played a key part in it, which was all but covered up in the official army after action reports, which can be read on Wikepedia. I encourage you to read that after action report on the Battle of Attleboro before you read America’s Diplomats, and then reread it after you finish reading the novel.

IAN. Talk about the writing process. Do you write at night or in the morning?

JH. I write almost every day, starting early in the morning and finishing when I am tired or run out of words. Sometimes I write two or three hours, at others ten or twelve hours.

IAN. Did you use an outline or do you just wing the first draft?

JH. I wrote this story from a journal I kept during my tour of duty as an infantryman in Vietnam in 1966 - 67.

IAN. How is your book different from others in your genre?

JH. It portrays a side of Vietnam that has never been written about from the eyes of a private serving in combat.

IAN. Is your book published in print, e-book or both?

JH. It is in paperback , Kindle, Nook, and all other ebook formats.

IAN. What do you hope your readers come away with after reading America’s Diplomats?

JH. A very real perspective of Vietnam and the American soldiers who fought there.

IAN. Where can we go to buy your book?

JH. carries it in paperback and Kindle format, Barnes and Noble in paperback and Nook, and Smashwords carries it in all ebook formats.
You can also purchase it through Goodreads and The Independent Author Network, or receive signed copies from my website,

IAN. Tell us about your next book or a work in progress.

JH. I am currently putting the finishing touches on Searching For Leah, which is a love story about a witch and a race car driver.

IAN. Any other links or info you'd like to share?

JH. You can find me on Facebook and Twitter under John W. Huffman.

America’s Diplomats, The Road To Attleboro by John W. Huffman

Page count: 568

Genre: Military Fiction

Publisher: Createspace

In the five hundred years following the Burning Times, the colorful members of Council have attempted to govern their Craft, once the most powerful religion on earth, with their twelve individual tribal members while they await the enlightened one, a thirteenth member who holds genetic links to each of the twelve tribes. Forced to practice their craft in secrecy due to the persecution and false accusations of other religions until the modern era, they are now viewed as something of an amusing oddity, if not outright lunatics, by society in general. By chance, they discover Clint Long, a rakish, devil-may-care racecar driver who carries eleven of the genetic links and Council hastily adapts a somewhat dubious plan to gather his seed to complete the long sought after twelfth linkage. In this noble quest, they select Leah as the vessel to bear his child, a young, beautiful maiden raised in the swamps of Louisiana and home-schooled by her mother with virtually no contact with the outside world. When Leah’s ancient godmother mistakenly casts a love spell in addition to the sanctioned spell of lust, what follows is a hilarious, heartwarming adventure as Clint whisks Leah out of her protected environment into his fast-paced, problematic world while the Council valiantly tries to keep up and subtly influence the outcome.

Friday, May 27, 2011

David K. Hulegaard: The IAN Interview

Author David K. Hulegaard discusses his debut novel, Noble and his writing and publishing journey.

David K. Hulegaard is an author and student of film and music. From an early age, he was encouraged by his parents to read a little bit each day, and developed an extensive imagination while burying his nose into a mixture of R.L. Stine books and literary classics.

With an established professional background in the real world of category management, consultation and marketing, he felt unable to quench the thirst for creativity he'd been harboring for years. This led to the release of his debut novel Noble in October 2010.

Hailing from the postcard-perfect Pacific Northwest, where he currently lives with his fiancé, there is never a shortage of inspiration. Citing a variety of influences, he loves to dabble within many different genres and settings to tell a story.

IAN. Hi David. Let’s begin with a bit about Noble.

DH. Noble is the story of a small town private detective named Miller Brinkman and his quest to solve the case of a missing teenage girl. Like any good detective, Miller simply follows the clues in an effort to solve the case, but accidentally stumbles across a connection between the missing girl and something much, much bigger. Every instinct tells him to back away, but he’s too emotionally invested in the case to turn back. He begins to uncover traces of a secret organization that had remained hidden for years, which then attracts the attention of a mysterious ally named Puckett. Impressed by his exceptional investigative abilities, Puckett leaves a trail of bread crumbs for Miller to follow that lead to all the answers he seeks, but he will first have to crack Puckett’s grand riddle in order to get there. With every piece of the puzzle that Miller solves, it only leads to more questions. Who is Alyssa Noble and why does her name keep coming up at every turn? What is her involvement in the disappearance of Jane Emmett? Who are the men in black suits that appear to be following Miller’s every step? To answer these questions, Miller will be forced to suspend all reality as he knows it and open his mind up to the possibility of a whole other reality beyond his comprehension.

IAN. How long did it take to write the book?

DH. I wrote the first draft in about three months, but then the editing and rewrites took me another three. I’d say from start to finish, I came in at just under six months. Once I got going, the excitement made it impossible to slow down.

IAN. What inspired you to write the book?

DH. I love a good story and I had wanted to tell one of my own since I was a child. My life was forever changed after being introduced to creative writing in grade school. We had these books made of construction paper covers and college rule sheets and were instructed to write for thirty minutes every day. It was my absolute favorite part of the day. I even still have the books, but they’re embarrassing to read now days. J When I finally sat down to begin work on Noble, it was just the right combination of time and content. I was letting my day job consume too much of my life and the years were just passing me by. I felt like if I didn’t take the time to do it now, I probably never would. I had been sitting on the main idea for the book for over a year, but it was very raw. I saw potential, but I needed to give it substance. Creating and shaping the characters, connecting the dots between the plot points. There’s really nothing else quite like it.

IAN. Talk about the writing process. Do you write at night or in the morning?

DH. My style might be considered a little unorthodox, but it works for me. I need to write when it’s quiet, so that fluctuates between day and night on a daily basis. I start with the brainstorming process and jot down all of ideas I have in my head. From there I continue to add to them until I feel like I have enough to begin the outline process. After the outline is complete, next up is the first draft. I write the first draft in its entirety without re-reading a single word. I know there are errors in both spelling and grammar, but stopping to correct them would only slow me down. It’s more important to keep the creative juices flowing and fix the mistakes later. When the first draft is done, I print it out and mark it up with a red pen. I take those corrections back to the computer with me and create the second draft. From the second draft, I pick 2-3 proof readers to help me stamp out all those frustrating little mistakes that my brain refuses to see. I then take those corrections and create my third, and hopefully final, draft. The important thing to understand is that you’ll always be your worst critic and will nitpick yourself to death. At some point, you just need to be happy with what you’ve created and share it with the world.

IAN. Did you use an outline or do you just wing the first draft?

DH. I can’t even imagine trying to write without an outline! The outline is a handy way to slot your ideas into an order that makes sense from a continuity perspective, but also to make sure your story is paced appropriately. Early on, my outline is my best friend. It helps you to visualize where your story may be heavy in some areas and light in others.

IAN. How is your book different from others in your genre?

DH. My influences are about as diverse as they come, so I wanted to try and extract a little bit of inspiration from all of them and attempt to blend it all together. Sometimes you also need to look beyond books for inspiration. There are good stories available within all different types of media and the television show Lost was also a big influence on me. I believe what makes my book stand out is that there’s a little something for everyone, so it doesn’t have to appeal to just one type of audience.

IAN. Is your book published in print, e-book or both?

DH. Both! Noble is available in standard paperback and e-book, but there’s also a hardcover version available exclusively at

IAN. What do you hope your readers come away with after reading your book?

DH. I hope this doesn’t sound too generic, but legitimately, I just want my readers to come away feeling as though they’ve experienced a good story. There is an endless supply of books out there begging for a reader’s attention, so I want the reader to feel justified in investing their time in my book. If I’ve done my job correctly, they’ll have some type of connection to the story that doesn’t end when they close the book. I love it when people finish Noble and say things to me like “your book gave me a sudden craving for apple pie,” or “I’m so mad at you right now!” It’s the most flattering thing in the world when your words can leave the reader with some type of reaction.

IAN. Where can we go to buy Noble?

DH. It is available on in both paperback and Kindle, on in both paperback and Nook, on the iBook store for iPad/iPhone in e-book, and on in paperback, e-book, and the exclusive hardcover edition.

IAN. Tell us about your next book or a work in progress. Is it a sequel or a stand alone?

DH. Noble is the first book in a planned trilogy and I hope to publish the second book by the end of the year. I am currently working on a novella entitled The Jumper, which is going to be available in the next couple of months. If you like ghost stories, this one’s for you! It’s about a middle-aged man named R.C. Dawson, whose retirement plan goes awry when the real estate market collapses and he’s forced to take on a job to make ends meet. The only job he can get at his age is a night custodian position at the youth community center downtown. They’ve been having some trouble keeping the position filled for very long, and R.C. is about to find out why first hand.

IAN. Any other links or info you'd like to share?

DH. Being an independent author is hard work because we don’t have the thousands of dollars in marketing support from a major publishing house. What we do have is all the heart, passion, and talent in the world! I realize that asking a reader to invest their hard-earned money into an unknown and unproven author is a tall order, which is why I’ve decided to release the e-book version of Noble at just .99 cents. I want readers to feel comfortable investing in my hard work, and I am confident that at just four quarters, readers will easily get their money’s worth in enjoyment.

I would encourage readers to keep an eye on my website over at and to follow me on Twitter @HulegaardBooks.

Noble by David K. Hulegaard

Page count: 256

Genre: Mystery/Sci-Fi

Publisher: FastPencil

Excerpt from book:

The day had been passing by quickly and the sunlight from outside was starting to dim. Soon the station would be dark and I would be spending another night alone lying in wait for Sheriff Coleman’s next move. Though I knew it was selfish, I began to shed a few silent tears. I doubt most people ever imagine that their lives will eventually succumb to misfortune, but it would have been an understatement for me to say that I never saw my life going in the direction it had. I was mortified at the thought of living out the rest of my life as an innocent man in a prison, but it was more than that. I had let my parents down and that hurt worse than anything Sheriff Coleman could do to me. They would not have wanted the life of a private investigator for me. They were so convinced that I would go on to become a writer working in the city for a living, but I only humored them to make them happy. I never saw that for myself. They wanted me to use my gift of creativity in life and I wanted to use my desire to help people in need. In the end, neither of us got what we wanted.

Just as I was beginning to lose myself in my lament, I heard the sounds of someone jiggling the handles of the front door. I figured it must have been Sheriff Coleman coming back to rub his master plan in my face some more, smug son of a bitch that he was. Finally the doors opened and then closed quietly behind him. It was now dark in the station and I couldn’t see his face, which was fine by me. I had seen his face about as much as I could stand to and relished in the fact that never seeing it again was one perk of being sent to a state prison away from Ashley Falls. It was strange though. He hadn’t said a word since coming into the station.

“What’s the matter, Sheriff? Did you decide that a knife would have been a more practical murder weapon after all?”

There was no response. I could see the outline of a figure walking towards me and could hear the sound of footsteps moving along the tiled floor, but couldn’t make out any features. Suddenly there was a loud bang on the floor right outside my cell. I knelt down to see what it was. It was a set of keys for the station that the sheriff kept on a hook near the front door for the deputies to use, but why was he giving it to me? I stuck my arm out between two bars of the cell and reached the key ring. There was no mistaking that these were definitely the keys to the station, including the one that would open my cell.

“You’re not the sheriff. Who are you?”

Again, there was no response, though I could still plainly see the outline of the figure standing in the hallway no more than twenty to thirty feet from me. It was too hard to make out specifics, but the figure appeared to be wearing a dark trench coat and a short-brimmed fedora. I was positive that I was not in the presence of the sheriff, but according to him, he was the only person that even knew I was here. If not him, then exactly who was this standing before me?

“Kind sir, I am appreciative and mean no disrespect, but why are you helping me?”

Again, I was receiving no response. Whoever this person was apparently wasn’t big on small talk, but I was grateful for the help none the less. There were about ten keys on the loop in my hand, so it was going to take a few minutes to find the right key and get out. As I began to try out the different keys, I pondered what would be the first task at hand once I had my freedom. Based on what Sheriff Coleman had told me, I knew that he would be at Sunset Hill putting the finishing touches on his frame job. He would eventually head back to the station however and would surely not be happy to see that I had escaped. No matter what I would do next, I couldn’t simply just return home.

“Miller Brinkman.”

I was quickly pulled away from my thoughts by the sound of an unfamiliar and deep voice. It was a commanding voice that startled me to the point of dropping the key ring back on to the floor.

“Miller Brinkman… the answers to all of your questions begin in Baltimore.”

Baltimore? Sir, is that where Jane Emmett is? Who are you?”

The man dropped something on the floor, then turned and walked away. I heard the sounds of the front door open and close again. Just like that, this mystery man was there and gone. I had many questions about what had just happened, but time was of the essence at that point. If there was still time to stop Sheriff Coleman from setting me up, then it was clear to me that my next move would be to try and beat him to Sunset Hill. Since he could not know that I was free, there would be no sense of urgency on his part to get there. I could use that to my advantage.

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Phil Torcivia: The IAN Interview

Author Phil Torcivia talks about the latest in his “Nice Guy” series, Just a Nice Guy.

Phil Torcivia is a divorced man who transplanted himself from Pennsylvania into the treacherous dating pool in Southern California. His feline companions, Syd and Symon, share his home in San Diego and an occasional dish of leftover tuna. Torcivia loves nothing better than bellying up to the bar with his favorite social lubrication (wine) and watching the bizarre mating rituals of the locals, which he translates into humorous essays. He has been single long enough to be involved in a few train wrecks of his own, admitting that he's "one relationship disaster away from a third cat."

Just a Nice Guy in 87 words:

Is it true that nice guys finish last? It sure seems that way as a divorced man fights his way through a comedic dating scene. Will he ever find his soul mate?

Phil has been called the male version of Carrie Bradshaw. Enjoy his humorous essays about relationships and the struggles we all have finding and keeping lovers. Women appreciate his open view into the minds of men.

Artist Mike Swaim adds to the hilarity with his brilliant sketches, giving another dimension to Phil's quest for love.

IAN. How long did it take to write the book?

PT. 6 months and 108 bottles of wine.

IAN. What inspired you to write the book?

PT. My single life and dating dysfunctions. I needed to vent.

IAN. Talk about the writing process. Do you write at night or in the morning?

PT. Usually mid-morning, daily.

IAN. Did you use an outline or do you just wing the first draft?

PT. I write in short essay form, so no outline.

IAN. How is your book different from others in your genre?

PT. Short chapters (toilet reading), honest insight into minds of men from a man who isn’t gay (yet).

IAN. Is your book published in print, e-book or both?

PT. Both

IAN. What do you hope your readers come away with after reading your book?

PT. A sore stomach (from laughing, not nausea).

IAN. Where can we go to buy your book?

PT. Amazon, B&N, Google eBooks, Apple iBooks, Me (signed copies)

IAN. Tell us about your next book or a work in progress. Is it a sequel or a stand alone?

PT. Same as the four I have out with my insights into relationships.

IAN. Any other links or info you'd like to share?

PT. My Facebook fan page (28,000 peeps) …

Just a Nice Guy

Page count: 349

Genre: Humor

Publisher: CreateSpace

An Excerpt:

The Birth of Willy

Once upon a time, when Phil was just a child, he discovered something dangling between his legs and named it “Winky.” Winky was a tiny acorn-looking nugget that was pliable and unobtrusive. Adults suggested he call it his wiener, but Phil cherished his individuality and figured Winky would too. Phil’s own name stands for “lover of horses” so he also considered the name “Baloney Pony,” but was concerned about all the saturated fat.

When he reached adolescence, Phil learned exciting, new uses for his unit. He dreamed of using it to take the innocence from his budding female classmates. He didn't have any idea what it entailed (still doesn't), but it sounded sinister, so he decided to rename it “Pork Sword.”

Suddenly the pink bits beneath his dagger begged to be named as well. He remembered that Pop referred to his own as “balls” after Phil bounced a baseball while playing catch and sent his father into a high-pitched rage. Phil sought a more creative name and came up with “Spuds.”

Once in high school, Phil finally found a place to rest his manhood other than his hands. Phil’s girlfriend was unimpressed with his choice of names and suggested he change it to match her love muffin. Phil reasoned it would be easier to change her privates’ name to “Meat Locker.” She kneed him in the marbles, causing Phil to relent and rename his companions “Love Cruller and the Pink, Wrinkled Plums.”

During college, Phil discovered his creative knack. His male hall mates all had interesting names for their parts, so he dug deep to find a new name, securing his individuality once again. Phil filed the necessary paperwork and changed the organs’ names to “Captain Slappy and the Kerbangers.” Yep, Phil slept alone most nights back then. His favorite T-shirt read, “I’m With Stupid” with an arrow pointing down. Coeds ran away.

As Phil entered the corporate world, a more mature name was required. Also, this was not the time to be coddling his jobbers. He had to set them free to find a pink wallet that would eventually host his evil offspring. After thinking long and hard (as opposed to short and soft), Phil came up with a brilliant new name: “Willy the One-Eyed Wonder Worm and his hanging brain.” There was apprehension regarding how he’d fit the name on the back of a jersey if his parts ever went pro. He decided to cross that bridge when it had a delicious honey pot waiting at the other end.

When Phil took his weapon of ass destruction to the West Coast in 2004, he realized it was time for another renaming. He tried a Hollywood-inspired name to match the locale: “Womb Raider.” However, Phil was served with a cease-and-desist order, leaving his lap taffy limp and downhearted.

“Cheer up there, my spunky monkey. I’ll come up with a new name in a jiffy,” Phil assured his skin flute. Alas, Phil and his hanging Johnny were exhausted from all of the jostling and they settled on a shortened version, which remains to this day: “Willy.”

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Liz Borino: The IAN Interview

Today Liz Borino stops by to discuss her latest book.

Liz Borino is the debut author of Expectations and its sequel, What Money Can’t Buy published by Lazy Day. Throughout her education, including a Bachelor’s Degree from Hofstra University, she’s kept her stories to herself, but this only child is all grown up and wants to share them with the world. Her roots are in Bethlehem, Pa, but she loves to experience new cultures. As fun as that is, Liz likes nothing better than curling up at home with a good book or her work in progress.

IAN. Tell us about your latest book.

LB. What Money Can’t Buy, the sequel to Expectations, finds the two couples, Chris and Aiden and Matt and Carley, eagerly anticipating parenthood. However, their personal struggles continue. Though Matt overcame his dependency on alcohol, new temptations present themselves. And with Carley on bed rest, these temptations put a greater strain on their relationship. Chris continues to deal with issues regarding his father. These issues increase with greater proximity. When tragedy strikes, the best and worst in everyone is revealed. Can they stick together, or will their reactions tear them apart?

IAN. How long did it take to write the book?

LB. It took me about six months to write What Money Can’t Buy and two or three to edit it.

IAN. What inspired you to write What Money Can’t Buy?

LB. I knew after Expectations, the Taylor Twins had more stories to share with me and the world.

IAN. Talk about the writing process. Do you write at night or in the morning?

LB. I love to write in the morning, when my mind is fresh. I also do well right out of the shower. My ideas are generated from stepping away from the word document. Sometimes, that means talking to my beta readers and other times it’s creating perfect silence in my mind and heart. Give the characters room to be heard.

IAN. Did you use an outline or do you just wing the first draft?

LB. I try to write within an outline, but inevitably the story will change as I write it. That’s alright, great even. How many of our lives turn out just as we envision them?

IAN. How is your book different from others in your genre?

LB. In the Romance genre, I see a lot of unbalanced relationships. One partner is always controlling, while the other is afraid to disobey them. I can’t do that to my characters. I don’t believe in that lifestyle, I can’t write it.

IAN. Is your book published in print, e-book or both?

LB. E-book.

IAN. What do you hope your readers come away with after reading your book?

LB. All relationships made from love and trust deserve support and respect.

IAN. Where can we go to buy your book?

LB. Amazon:


IAN. Tell us about your next book or a work in progress. Is it a sequel or a stand alone?

LB. The next book is the third in the series and that’s all I can currently say.

IAN. Any other links or info you'd like to share?

LB. Expectations can be found and B&N

What Money Can’t Buy by Liz Borino

364 pages Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Lazy Day

An Excerpt

“Matt, where are you going?” Carley asked as he finished setting up the living room and reached for his winter jacket.

Matt took a deep breath and counted to ten in his head. It was difficult to keep the irritation out of his voice when he had to keep repeating himself. “I’m going to pick up my dad, get him settled at Chris and Aiden’s and then eat dinner.”

“You’re eating dinner there?”

“Yeah, hon. I’ll bring you back some.”

“Some what?” Carley asked, trying to tone down her frustration. The doctor put her on bed rest at her last appointment because she had bleeding and he feared a miscarriage. It meant she had two options, the bed or the couch. Carley saw this as an opportunity for her and Matt to slow down and spend some more time together. Unfortunately, he didn’t see it that way. Matt worked more. When they worked together it mattered less how much they were in the office. They enjoyed work after starting their marketing company. Enjoyed each other, their clients, and their other business partner, Cyndi. However, Carley did not enjoy the long days when she was stuck at home and Matt was at work. She was hardly looking forward to three more months like this.

“I don’t know.” Matt ran his hand through his hair. “Chris didn’t know what he was cooking when I talked to him.”

“You know I can’t eat shellfish.” Carley bit her lip after the words left her mouth. How often has either of us made shellfish? Instead Matt gave her a pained smile. “I know and so does he. I’m sure it’ll be chicken or steak.” He walked toward the door and glanced over his shoulder, “Do you need anything else while I’m out?”

You. I need you.Carley shook her head. “Thanks, babe. I got everything I need here.”

He nodded and grabbed his keys. “I’ll be home.” She wanted something else, but Matt chose to ignore it. He had to get out of there.

They moved up to Hartford last week, or rather, he and Chris moved them up. Carley couldn’t help because of the baby. So, she stayed with Aiden. These damn hormones were gonna kill him. And they weren’t even in his body. The first few weeks of the pregnancy were fine. Carley was happy, excited. If he was being honest, so was he. Carley didn’t have any morning sickness. Though, Matt did find himself placating requests of mustard and egg sandwiches in the middle of the night. All in all, the first trimester was pleasant. It was just now that she was starting to get a noticeable belly. Matt thought it was beyond adorable. That all changed three weeks ago.

One of the few nights they spent apart, Matt was at his loft hanging out with Chris and Aiden. It’d be one of the last nights they lived together. So, they all sat around playing poker and ragging on each other. The ragging only intensified when Matt answered his cell on the first ring, but he waved them quiet before saying, “Yes, baby?”

“Matt…are you busy?” Came Carley’s hesitant reply.

“Define busy, sweetheart. I’m demonstrating the proper way to play five card, by whooping Chris and Aiden into oblivion. What’s up?”

“The baby, Matt. I...don’t know. I’m bleeding pretty bad…and…” anything else was chocked out by tears.

“I’m leaving now. It’s gonna be alright.” Matt told her, though he had no idea if it was true. He cursed the traffic present even at 11PM in New York City as he picked her up and they drove to the hospital. The doctor told them she was at risk for a miscarriage. After a night in the ER, Carley was put on bed rest. No work, lifting, stress, and…no sex. Matt nearly swallowed his tongue when the doctor said that. Of course, the baby would come first, but damn it, three months? It had easily been five years since he’d gone that long.

Matt shook his head as he turned into the rehab facility where his father stayed until Chris and Aiden moved in. He’d be lying if he didn’t admit he was jealous of their house. He and Carley got a much more modest three bedroom. Quaint, perfect, she’d said. Wouldn’t last if they had more than one child. Shit, where did that come from? It was dumb really. They had more than enough money for something more elaborate. Chris didn’t even like the grandeur. He never enjoyed it. So, why the big house? Because they would have a slew of children to fill it.

Matt parked the car and met a young nurse standing behind his father’s wheelchair. Out of habit Matt noted she wasn’t wearing a wedding ring. Oh yeah…that’s a great habit to have. He gave her a smile and offered his hand, “Hi, I’m his son, Matt Taylor.”

“I’m Sarah.” She smiled and glanced down at Robert.

Matt crouched down so he could look his father in the eye. “Hey there, Dad. How you feeling today?” Matt didn’t expect an answer. He doubted his father could answer. The nurses and doctors swore he had good days. Days when he was more responsive. Matt and Chris witnessed a few of these. Robert would blink in response to questions…and this was an improvement. Just months ago, Robert ran a multi-billion dollar business. And now he couldn’t lift a cup to his lips. Matt stood and gave the nurse…Sarah? another smile, “How is he so far today?”

“It’s been a lot of commotion. What with moving and packing…” Sarah stopped.

“It’s ok; I don’t expect anything out of him.” Matt signed the stack of papers she handed him.

“I’m sure it’ll be better once we get him set up at your brother’s house with a comfortable routine.” She glanced between Matt and Robert. “Um, your brother, Chris? He has a different last name…”

“Oh yeah, he took his husband’s name when they got married.” Matt answered glancing up to gauge her reaction. Chris wanted to disassociate himself from their father as much as possible.

“Oh…I see….” Sarah stammered.

“Is there a problem?” Matt’s eyes darkened with the question. He sensed judgment on her part and he didn’t take kindly to it.

“No, no, I’m sorry. He just never mentioned it in the interview or any of our other conversations…”

Matt studied her for a second before deciding she was far too nervous to really mean harm, “Well, think of it this way, if he asked you a similar question during an interview, you could’ve sued.” He offered a half smile, “Come on, let’s call some help and we’ll get him home.”

Sarah nodded, and then left to get a male orderly to help put Robert in the transport van.

Matt watched her hips sway as she walked off and shook his head, “Dad, you sure know how to pick ‘em. Honestly…”