Saturday, March 17, 2012

Books Without Borders An event June 9th on the Yonkers Waterfront

Authors, Booksellers, Agents, Publishers, Distributors and Book Designers will be participating!

This event, organized by The City of Yonkers, The Yonkers BID, The Yonkers Library System, The Westchester Guardian and Yonkers Tribune Newspapers, WGRN Radio and Dennis Sheehan, is to give authors and Booksellers an opportunity to promote themselves and their work, as well as sell their books, to the community and each other.

The Event will encompass the entire Yonkers Waterfront beginning at the new State of the Art Riverfront Library continuing several blocks past the Yonkers Metro North Train Station through Ella Fitzgerald Park and culminating at the picturesque Pier and Amphitheater on the Hudson River.

Workshops, Seminars and Panel discussions will be held throughout the day. Notable Literary Agents will hold workshops such as “How to write a successful query and aquire an agent.”, “A Step by Step Guide to getting Published” and others.

The famous writer and publisher Charles Salzberg of Greenpoint Press will be giving a seminar on various aspects of writing and will be bringing some guest Authors.

Barnes and Nobel will be giving a seminar on e readers and eBooks and participating in a panel discussion “eBooks vs Print books, where is the future?”

There will be many other topics and celebrity speakers. Ten Featured Authors will be signing books and meeting fans at local restaurants around the waterfront area at scheduled times.

To add to the festive atmosphere, face painters and clowns will be in the Children’s Book area and music will be provided by several bands around the event area.

Authors and Booksellers who are interested in participating should contact Dennis Sheehan purchasedpowerbysheehan@gmail to get registered. There are no event fees but anyone selling books is required to have a permit and pay a $20. Permit fee, checks payable to the Yonkers BID. The permit application and filing instructions will be supplied in the registration package. The cutoff date for registration will be April 30th.

Local businesses and Restaurants are supplying discount coupons to all participants. Free parking will be provided to authors, booksellers, agents and publishers. Tables and fixtures to sell books must be provided by the individual vendors.

The last two events drew over 25,000 people.  

9th June, 2012
Yonkers Waterfront.  

Contact Dennis Sheehan

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