Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Sugar Divorce by Suzanna Stinnett


This is the story of my recent experience losing weight and gaining muscle by maintaining a healthy relationship with my blood sugar and my insulin.I was completely frustrated by the loss of control I felt around my weight. I’m blown away at the success I’ve had in just a few weeks, and I want to share how I did it.

When I say sugar, I mean not just refined sugar but all foods that convert quickly to sugar. Maybe you’ve heard of “slow carb” (not “low-carb”). That’s another way of looking at how to eat to feel satisfied, keep your weight down, and maintain energy. Slow carb is good.

"I LOVE THIS BOOK ! I am so happy with my progress." Susan Goins, Ormond Beach, Florida

"Suzanna's book gave me the same feeling as when I read "Julie and Julia"! Her writing is friendly and personal - like your best friend writing to you, and encouraging you to come along for the ride." Heather Noell

"This very engagingly written book will help you to understand how managing your insulin by ditching the refined sugar and eating "slow carbs" and plenty of healthy protein and good fats will help you find your body again. Especially recommended for those of us in the over 50 group." Nutritionist, Diane Fischler of San Rafael, CA

"It's all a great prescription for life and Suzanna brings it to us with candor, humility and humor. Thank you Suzanna!" From Lori of Lori's Latest on Amazon Reviews

Today, people interested in fitness after fifty are benefiting from all the tools used by younger fit-conscious people. But there's one element that may play the biggest role in whether you are on the road to being strong & lean, or headed in the opposite direction as you age. That one thing is insulin -- and your sugar intake is the overriding factor in your insulin levels. Insulin is the agent that programs your body to hold onto every particle of fat, or to burn fat for energy. Your sugar intake is running the stop-and-go lights on your insulin.

Leaving sugar is not a little thing. Not when it's been your friend, companion, deep counsel, doctor, healer, stimulant and brain food. In his latest blockbuster book, "The 4-Hour Body," Tim Ferriss proposes a new relationship to sugar. When a person realizes a dangerous addiction, the customary "healthy" response is to end the relationship. But that doesn't really end it, does it? Once an addict, always an addict? This journey is one of coming into a new relationship. Amazon

Suzanna Stinnett was born in Lawton, Oklahoma and raised in the flat midwestern plains around bison, rattlesnakes and boulders. She wrote songs before she wrote stories. A long time resident of the coastal hills north of San Francisco, California, she now writes serial fiction set in the Bay area ("Cherry Tales") and offers a variety of e-books which can be found on Kindle. Suzanna is the founder of Bay Area Bloggers Society, ePub Clubs and Reclamation Arts.

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