Saturday, November 17, 2012

Full Frontal Stupidity by Barry Parham


"Parham is at the very top echelon of American humorists, equal to Dave Barry or David Sedaris on their best day." Linton Robinson (Editor, My Funny Valentine)

Humor columnist Barry Parham is back, launching his latest salvo of hilarious, thought-provoking, take-no-prisoners observations. 

on being single...

"Single guys buy milk in small, manageable doses, as if they were bringing home work, or morals. It would never cross a single guy's mind to buy an entire gallon of anything, much less some expiring liquid that can mutate into something that smells like Detroit looks."

on auto racing...

"I'm the first to admit that racing takes talent ... not to mention bravery. But, there's bravery involved in putting your hand on a hot stove, too. Sadly, though, after you're done with the stove, there's nothing much left but discipline, and learning to write with your other hand." 

on politics...

"Contestant #3 was unable to make it, but he did swing by and vote 'Present' so we would validate his parking, and he would like to remind our studio audience that was for showing up before he was against it." 

Includes these award-winning stories!

Skirts vs. Skins
Scenes From a Maul

Award-winning humorist Barry Parham relentlessly documents the humorous facets and foibles of our shared human condition, and has been sharing his irreverent observations for some time, through humor columns, essays and short stories. 

Parham's first book, the 2009 sleeper, "Why I Hate Straws," has received numerous awards. "Why I Hate Straws" is an eclectic compilation of observations about life on Planet Earth. 

His "what's wrong with this picture?" commentaries run the gamut of topics from family, to politics, to dating (or not dating) and even ferrets. From the frustrations of trying to save the planet, one light bulb at a time, to analyzing the inane concepts that define daily television advertising, these brisk, bite-sized stories will strike a chord with anyone who grew up in (or in spite of) American culture. 

Includes the award-winning stories "Going Green, Seeing Red" and "Driving
Miss Conception."

In October 2010, Barry published "Sorry, We Can't Use Funny," another award-winning collection of general-topic satire and humor, and the more targeted "Blush: Politics and other unnatural acts."

Parham is an honors graduate of the University of Georgia, a music fanatic and a self-described eco-narcissist. 

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