Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Overload is a Suspense Thriller by Thomas Rowe Drinkard

Terrorists are coming into the United States across the Southern Borders. They’re being assisted by the drug cartels and others. When the fanatics begin suicide bombings in shopping malls, one man forges the clues into links that form an escalating chain of terror. 

The enigmatic Frost, a former Special Operations soldier, knows that soon, Americans will be confronted by a weapon of mass destruction—aimed at its heartland business and trading center—Chicago. 

Only he and his team stand between the terrorists and the death of thousands.

"Overload will have you flying through the pages. Expect twists, turns and plenty of surprises. This is a well crafted thriller that deserves your attention if you are a fan of suspense-thrillers."-Richard L. Weatherly, author

"Overload is a suspense thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat, anticipating turning the next page so you can find out what will happen."-Marion M. Dollar  

Thomas Rowe Drinkard was born and reared in Alabama.  He graduated from the University of North Alabama with a degree in English.  At graduation, he was commissioned an Army second lieutenant. Within two years he completed parachute school and was selected for the U.S. Army Special Forces (the Green Berets).

After his active duty, he found his way into teaching and writing in the securities exam preparation business. Many of his articles and texts are currently in use.

"Tom is now a full-time writer/ part-time editor. He is the author of Piety and Murder, Where There Were No Innocents and the novellas, V Trooper - First Mission and Second Mission.  He is also the author of a chapbook of Vietnam poetry, Finding the Way Home.

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