Monday, August 15, 2011

The Avid Reader's Cafe: Great Reads In Store

Looking for something different in your next book?

Independently published books offer reading experiences not found in mainstream publishing. Mainstream publishers only release books they believe will make them money.

Independent publishers work with authors who bring a unique voice to literature. Self-published authors don’t have agents and editors telling them what they can and cannot write. Self-published books have one limitation, the human imagination.

You will find mainstream published ebooks selling for Kindle and NOOK at $9.99 or more. Independently published books retail from 99 cents for these same eBook readers.

Open your reading world to independently published books and discover endless possibilities.

The Avid Reader’s Café features the best in indie and self published books. All titles are available in eBook format (Kindle/Nook) and most are print published.

All genres of fiction and non-fiction will be represented. Fifty to sixty books are featured here and the titles will change frequently.

Leave your thoughts at the Comments page or sign up for the Newsletter for a chance to win Starbucks and Amazon cards. Prizes awarded monthly.

The Avid Reader’s Café Great reads in store!

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