Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ty Langston Talks About Her Work In Progress

I recently submitted this WIP to Lazy Day Publishing. It’s called Sweet Dreams and it’s an erotic romance.-Author Ty Langston

Sweet Dreams

Beth couldn’t help but to stare at her computer screen. While the cursor flashed, she could feel her hands tremble at the slightest touch of the keyboard. She had no idea why her fingers found themselves frozen while attempting to touch a key or click her mouse. All she was doing was replying to an email like she had done so many times with him before.
Beth Mason, owner of a successful bakery/cafe; called Sweet Dreams, has met the potential man of her dreams via a European dating website called “A Foreign Affair.” For months the two of them talked online and shared emails on a daily basis getting very close in the process. Due to Yuri, going through a couple of personal issues, Beth had wanted to give her close friend, a breather from reality by deciding to invite him to New York City for a weekend.
Yuri is the former nightclub manager of the famous European hotspot called Rhapsody. After dealing with the destruction of the nightclub he ran and his trying to be there for his best friend whose parents are dealing with a terminal illness, Beth decides to invite him to New York City for a weekend to get his mind off of things.

To his best friend’s Nik’s chagrin, Yuri decides to take Beth up on her offer, meeting her at the Indigo Hotel

Although, the first this was the first actually meeting one other, the two of them found the other very attracted to one another.

Within 30 minutes of arrival the two of them are having sex.

Beth confides into him about how her physical reaction wasn’t something she did normally.

Yuri both sympathizes and understands and insists that they enjoy themselves.

Their physical attractions to one another, continued to pull them towards each other, with the two of them making love again and throughout the story.

After checking in with his friend Nik online, Beth confides in Yuri about what her family and why she found common ground with him.

Since her family had gone through a terrible divorce and as exes, played their children against one another until it eventually spelled tragedy for her youngest brother, Beth told Yuri that she no longer has a relationship with either of them.

The tragedy also previous relationships defined how she viewed and what she wanted out of a relationship.

Yuri wasn’t like any other man she had met. He understood and sympathized with her. Their connection during the weekend only grew closer as a result, with the couple finally professing their love for each other and Yuri deciding to make a move here to the United States via mail-order.

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