Thursday, December 23, 2010

Meet IAN Member Raven Corinn Carluk

I grew up in Las Vegas, and I love it. I'm a desert rose, and I belong in the heat. I've moved away a couple of times, but I always manage to make my way back. The burnt, craggy desert just speaks to me, and I don't want to go anywhere else. When I hear people bitching about how hot it is, I want to just tell them to move away again. 115 is a pleasant warmth, something I can bask in.

I've been writing since I was five. That very first story sucked, of course, but it was about something I loved: dinosaurs. I still love dinosaurs, but I've grown out of the suck phase. I think. 8P I even wrote a novel in the seventh grade, and tried making a sequel to it. Never let anyone read them, but I had them.

Submitting my work really brings out the shyness in me. I think my work is good enough, but there's still a scared little girl in me that really doesn't want to be rejected. With All Hallows Blood I was rejected twice in a week. That was depressing, but I made it through. I'm still not entirely past that shy phase, but I'm getting there. Maybe I'll give it up one day, but maybe not. My old man tells me it's endearing.

I tend to write what I consider to be slightly darker pieces. I like violence, and odd relationships, and happiness that's hard won. The stories I write that are up here include incest and rape, but I realize that's not very marketable. Not normally, anyway.

When it comes to reading, I prefer fantasy and urban fantasy to straight romance. Though I've fallen for paranormal romance; it's urban fantasy with sex and a happy ever after. I am a romantic at heart, so I like to read about people falling in love.

Her books are stories with bite 0,.,0 and All Hallows Blood

Raven Corinn Carluk - The Independent Author Network

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