Friday, December 17, 2010

Meet New Member Jamie DeBree

A full-time webmistress for local government by day, Jamie DeBree writes steamy, action-packed romantic suspense late into the night. Her goal is to create the perfect blend of sensual attraction, emotional tension and fast-paced adventure, similar to the television crime dramas she’s hopelessly addicted to. Her favorite way to write a novel is to serialize the draft on one of her blogs. There’s always a free serial story in progress at her main blog, The Variety Pages.

In October 2010, she opened Brazen Snake Books, her personal publishing company. She also writes as Trinity Marlow (erotica) and Alex Westhaven (thriller/suspense), and is currently working on serial drafts in each of those genres.

Born in Billings Montana, she resides there with her husband and two over-sized lap dogs. She reads in a wide variety of genres including romance, erotica, action/adventure, thriller, horror and literary.

Her books are Tempest and coming early in 2011 Desert Heat.

Visit Jamie DeBree at The Independent Author Network


  1. She sounds nice. :) Kudos for opening your own publishing place! I hope your books do real well. I'm trying out the web-novel thing on a blog, too.

  2. I just saw this - so sorry! Thanks, and I hope your web serial does well too. :-)