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The Advantages of Self Publishing

The Advantages of Self Publishing

By Colin Dunbar 

Self publishing may not be for everyone. For many writers, however, it is an
option that makes perfect sense. While not always plain sailing or a walk in the park, the advantages of self publishing are significant and hard to ignore.

Let's see what you stand to gain from taking the self publishing route. Here are three of the most definitive advantages of self publishing.

1. Profit Margins

When you self publish, you have to pretty much do all the work. This additional effort is rewarded by the fact that you can keep all the profit from your book sales. This is one of the advantages of self publishing that will apply in particular to anyone who already has a way of promoting their book to an audience. Think in terms of motivational speakers, who can easily self publish their books and then sell them right at their seminars.

If you already run a bookshop, either online or offline, this can also be the perfect way to get buyer's eyes on your new book right away.

2. Complete Freedom

This is one of the big advantages of self publishing. A publisher will inevitably tie you down and control the look, layout and other aspects of your book. If you self publish, you will have complete control and freedom over how the book looks, and you can easily do further self promotion inside where the publisher would have promoted themselves instead.

This is particularly good for business related books, or anyone who has a backend catalogue that the reader may be interested. If they like your book, chances are they'll want more, and you can easily advertise this inside your self published book.

You can also choose the cover design and other visual aspects of your book to suit your own preferences.

3. You Own Your Work

This yet again ties into one of the big advantages of self publishing: the fact that you maintain total control over your book. If you publish a printed copy, you can easily convert that into a digital publication as well, for example. Many publishers will not allow you to do that without further red tape.

If you find it hard to sell your book, you can break it up, give it away for free, sell rights to it. As long as you maintain control as a self publisher, your work can continue to serve you in many ways even if it fails in its primary objective.

So, those are just a few of the advantages of self publishing. It may not be right for everyone, but many people have had great success with it.

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