Saturday, June 30, 2012

Win a Kindle Fire or a Kindle Touch by M.R. Mathias

 M.R. Mathias

Hello I.A.N.

I just wanted to pop in and tell you about a chance to win a Kindle Fire or a Kindle Touch from me and Fantasy Book Critic. The contest post is here:

My Wardstone Trilogy is finally complete. “The Wizard and the Warlord – The Wardstone Trilogy Book III” has been released in all eBook formats. In celebration of the 4th of July paperback release, I am offering Book One, “The Sword and the Dragon”  FREE July 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. Of course Book Two is available as well, here: 

A lot of you know me as @DahgMahn on Twitter. I am also @BookReTweeter, @Michael_Robb, and the ornery @MrStubbsSays is my dog/familiar. If you are not on Twitter, then get on Twitter. Any member who needs starting out tips can email me @ I will get you a FREE copy of The First Ten Steps and answer any questions I can. 

If you want a book, blogpost, or review/interview tweeted by @DahgMahn, then put @DahgMahn in the tweet and I will retweet it. The same goes for @BookReTweeter and @MrStubbSays. I get 500 DMs a day and I DO NOT read them anymore. Putting @DahgMahn in a tweet is about the only way I am guaranteed to see it.

I don’t have much else to say, other than thank you to those IAN members who bother to tweet and retweet each other.  Oh, and any IAN member bloggers willing to review any of The Wardstone Trilogy, or Dragoneer books, will not only get free copies, but also the review-post will get tweeted extensively.

Don’t forget to get The Sword and the Dragon FREE over the holiday. And I would be honored if some of you check out my newly completed Wardstone Trilogy. From the moment I started writing it in that Texas prison cell in ’08 until now, I have put my all into that grand epic. So I can only hope you enjoy reading the books as much as I enjoyed writing them and bringing them to fruition.

Indie Rules!  M. R. Mathias aka @DahgMahn

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