Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Singapore Werewolf by Thomas Mackay King

The Singapore Werewolf 


Jacky Wu is a laid back happy go lucky guy, he is a fairly average and slightly timid young man, he has a decent job, he has his own apartment and he is about to buy a new car after saving for months. Life is okay, neither too good nor too bad, although his boss regularly bullies him, but he likes career and his colleagues at State Bank,

While on a week of National Service training in Western Australia Jacky is bitten by a feral dog. The incident takes place at The Pinnacles a strange Limestone formation dating back millions of years, there is something eerie about the place and this encounter takes place under a full Moon.

Jacky begins to feel stronger in both mind and body and changes quickly envelop him, with both positive and negative consequences. He grows in stature but something is also growing inside of him. Jacky will need to fight for his own life, fight against the horrible wrath that the stray Australian dog has brought upon him while trying to live a normal life. His life begins to turn into a living hell and he tries to cope. He has to battle internal demons and has terrible dreams that are hard to understand.

When the full moon rises in Singapore Jacky Wu is in trouble and so are the islands females; Singapore a safe place for women to walk at night is plunged into a crisis as the mutilated young female bodies appear. Jacky morphs into a seven foot tall beast although he does not recall his transmutation until he cannot ignore it.

He is sent to other places in Asia to work and during the full moon he again morphs and takes innocent life. While in Hong Kong he slaughters and when working in Bangkok he once more slaughters.

Jacky changes in his daily life becoming withdrawn and ill tempered, he blows up at work and becomes the focus of police attention. The hunt is on and Jacky is the target as he is relentlessly hunted down in a dramatic end spread out across the main landmarks of Singapore. 

Thomas Mackay King

I was fortunate to have been born and raised in Edinburgh, Scotland, a wonderful city with deep artistic and cultural roots, all of which I fully absorbed.

The pleasant, positive aspects of Edinburgh were equally balanced by the darker, bleaker, sinister side, both past and present, of which I enjoyed, and endured, my quota.

I have since lived across the world for over twenty eight years, and am now, tapping into the subterranean recesses deep inside my cranium, to expound and elucidate, through both fact and fiction, upon the people, and the wide, heterogeneous, varied life experiences, these years and some unforgettable years before, wrought out of me.

I love writing; it stretches me to reflect, to delve deeper, and perhaps, hopefully, to even darker places.  Thomas Mackay   

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