Sunday, February 26, 2012

A HIGHER COURT by By John Betcher


Bill Kensey takes a trip into the unknown and finds his true calling in life. He is a trial lawyer, called to serve on a jury that will determine the existence of God. Tossed into a surreal atmosphere similar to the rabbit hole in “Alice In Wonderland” or an old episode of “The Twilight Zone”, our juror is perplexed by the eerie atmosphere that fills the courthouse he knows so well. He finds the entire court process rearranged and the names of expert witnesses disguised. Thirty-six jurors from all walks of life are thrown together to put an end to the question every philosopher asks, God? Or No God?

Expert witnesses address the reasons they believe in a Higher Power and the reasons they do not. Have you given much thought to scientific theories such as Cosmology or the Big Bang Theory? Or, do you believe in Anthropomorphism, Egoism, or simple, blind faith? Does our existence boil down to a mathematical equation or love?

The courtroom setting reads like a deposition. The testimonials will break your heart. The expert witnesses will baffle your mind. This is a delightful read for wannabe philosophers like me. “A Higher Court” presents a rare opportunity to view various opinions on the existence or nonexistence of God, and subsequently, mankind. After seven deliberations, what is the verdict?

Thank you, Mr Kensey, for sharing your mission with us. Reviewed by Alle's 5-Star Reviews 

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