Tuesday, November 29, 2011

An Open Letter on Behalf of the Dyslexia Foundation UK

Dear Reader,

Although I am not a Trustee, paid employer or member of Dyslexia Foundation UK, I am a supporter of their desire to improve the reading abilities and educational skills of those suffering from dyslexia. To that end, in 2012, this registered charity, here in the UK, are commencing an audio library centred in the Liverpool and Manchester area of North West England.

My work, The Fragile Peace, has been made into the Foundation’s first audio book and will feature in the library being prepared for 2012. The book was recorded, edited, and engineered at the Foundation’s expense in a professional recording studio in Manchester and the narration was completed by a BBC producer.

I am writing to you to ask you to consider donating one of your printed books to the Foundation so that they may consider making the book into an audio version for their library. The conversion will be completed by the charity and sold by them to their members. The proceeds of the sale will go directly to the Foundation. Once a book has been recorded for the library the author may well be asked to sell copies of that book to the Foundation so that the library may be enhanced to sufficient levels.

A printed book with an audio tape is provided so that members of the Foundation might read the book whilst simultaneously listening on an audio tape. Such a procedure is beneficial to those suffering from dyslexia and others who may also be partially sighted.

I invite you to support the charity by indicating whether you are able to donate at least one book for audio recording. Subsequent copies for use in the library to be negotiated on a one to one basis between the library and the Foundation.

You cannot make a donation unless your book has a printed edition. Ebooks alone are not valid.

In order to assist in this project -

1) You will need to have both copyright and distribution rights in the work that you intend to donate.

2) Be able to provide a copy of the copyright page relevant to the work to be donated at the time of submission.

3) And be able to provide a link to your published work where a description and the book cover is available for inspection.

If you are interested in making a book donation for audio production and subsequent library development, please contact Paul Anthony in the first instance on email address tscougal@uwclub.net

Paul Anthony is a member of the Independent Author’s Network.

Kind regards



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