Friday, September 23, 2016

Sentinels of Tzurac Screenplay is an Award Winner

by James Raven

I have just been informed that the adapted screenplay for my first book in the Sentinels of Tzurac Trilogy has been given the Silver Winner Award from International Independent Film Awards in the 2016 Summer category.

I am very grateful and also excited at the prospect of being recognised among the film industry and am looking forward with anticipation at the possibility of my trilogy being made into a film or three. I am currently arranging a screenplay to be written for my second book "Zarkwin's Revenge" in the trilogy. When my third book Retaliation which is reaching final proof reading becomes published I will also be adapting this to a feature screenplay as well.

Sentinels of Tzurac

The discovery of a valuable energy source that can change the future of all civilizations in the universe is about to fall into the wrong hands…
Earth’s natural resources are running out and the planet is dying, suffocating under the weight of humankind’s greed. Intergalactic mining companies search distant planets for badly needed replacement resources and Kyron, a recent engineering graduate, gains a prominent position with mining corporation MERIC. When an explosion involving a strange blue rock known as Xytrinium stops their operation on Terra Iota cold, MERIC owner Samuel Jensen sends Kyron to investigate. But someone has other ideas about a resource so powerful it could destroy entire worlds.

Kyron narrowly escapes an attempt on his life on his trip to Terra Iota and the motive of the culprit is as simple as it is diabolical: he is determined to exert complete power over the entire world and he needs Xytrinium to do it. Caught in the middle, Kyron now finds himself in a war with a man who seems to hold all the cards, but when a murder, an ancient gold ring, and his father’s hidden past reveal startling truths, Kyron will risk everything to save Earth— and the life of the woman he loves.

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