Tuesday, May 12, 2015

L. R. W. Lee Releases Book Four the Andy Smithson Series

The wait is over! Book Four in the Andy Smithson series is finally here!

In Resurrection of the Phoenix’s Grace, Andy finds that Abaddon will stop at nothing to capture and punish him for thwarting his plans for eternal life for yet a third time. But, when Methuselah unexpectedly extends in Mom's hand while in Texas, something it has never done for him, it triggers more revelations about her past. 
After a frustrating and, at times, terrifying year, Andy returns to Oomaldee and joins Hans' quest to locate the only surviving heir to the throne of Cromlech. In the process, Andy and company discover the Giant's Ring, the center of Cromlech's healing powers, has been destroyed by Abaddon's evil sorcerer. The situation grows dire when Andy finds that the phoenix who rose from that land millennia before has returned to be reborn and the evil mage has trapped her inside the decimated Ring. Without the freedom to collect the materials she needs to build a pyre, she will die. Andy knows failure is not an option for he needs a feather from this phoenix as the next ingredient to break the curse. Will Andy and his friends free the phoenix in time? Will they be able to fix the Ring and restore Cromlech's healing powers? Will Andy collect a phoenix feather?

You won’t want to miss the non-stop action, drama and thrills on this adventure that is Resurrection of the Phoenix’s Grace!

"I really enjoyed this book! The author writes a thrilling action-adventure story that keeps you on the edge of your bean bag chair. I will admit, I stayed up late reading this book - it was that good! L. R. W. Lee has a talent for writing fantasy. The story flows well and has plenty of action to keep the reader wanting more. A great read!" 
                                                            - Erik Weibel, This Kid Reviews Books (Erik is 14)
                                                              Erik awarded the book 5 Bookworms! 
"L. R. W. Lee's best book of the Andy Smithson series to date!"
                                                           - Richard Weatherly, Author 

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Book Five: Vision of the Griffin’s Heart (Andy Smithson series) is coming Winter 2015.

Watch L. R. W. Lee discuss Resurrection of the Phoenix’s Grace on Book Nerd Paradise on YouTube at bit.ly/1DsOOfi

Book One

eBook 1, Andy Smithson: Blast of the Dragon’s Fury is now FREE. Pick up a copy at Smashwords, Kobo, Google, B&N.

Listen to the FREE podcast of Book 1 by L. R. W. Lee on Podiobooks 
Book one is also available in paperback.

Book Two

Book 2, Andy Smithson: Venom of the Serpent's Cunning is available in Kindle and Paperback.

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Book Three

Book 3, Andy Smithson: Disgrace of the Unicorn’s Honor is available in Kindle and Paperback.

Prequel Novella

Power of the Heir’s Passion is available in Kindle and Paperback

Download the professionally recorded audiobook at Amazon
It’s only $1.99 if you download the eBook for $.99 first…Savings of $1!

L. R. W. Lee writes to teach her readers principles that can transform their lives – overcoming frustration, impatience, fear and more. She also shows why responsibility, diligence and dignity are the keys to true success in life. L. R. W. Lee lives in scenic Austin, TX with her husband, daughter and son.

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