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Penny Childs The IAN Interview

Penny Childs. Besides riding horses, writing is one of my very favorite things to do. I kid about the people in my head, but they really are in there! They are the reason I may have a faraway look in my eyes when someone is trying to talk to me once in a while. They are also the reason I get asked a lot, “Hey, are you even listening to me?” Well, in all honesty I probably wasn’t listening to you. Sorry, chances are good I was working out a scene between characters in my head.

I’ve been writing since I was a kid and I still have my first finished book stashed away, which I wrote when I was 13. It is titled Sundown and is about a kid and her horse. It has a hand drawn cover and everything. You will thank me to never, ever, let it see publication…. They say practice makes perfect. Well that particular little gem was one of my first practice sessions.

These days I lean toward more adult themes such as paranormal suspense and romance, with a thriller and a mystery thrown in just to spice things up.
I live in Michigan with my husband Dennis on ten acres my family lovingly refers to as The Petting Zoo.

IAN. Please tell us about your latest book.

PC. There’s Always Tomorrow is the second book in the Never Say Goodbye Series. It brings back Mel and Trevor, the two main characters from the first book, Farewell to Goodbye. I had so much fun with Mel and Trevor not getting along in Farewell that I just had to do it again. When Mel loses her memory in a plane crash the killer they were after turns the tables on her and Trevor. He convinces Mel he is her husband and Trevor is the enemy.
The killer is playing a dangerous game and he loves it. He will try to drive a wedge between Mel and Trevor and draw her to him for the kill.

IAN. How long did it take to write There’s Always Tomorrow?
PC. It took about two months to get the 1st draft completed.

IAN. What inspired you to write There’s Always Tomorrow?
PC. I love the way Mel and Trevor love each other. I also love the way they argue. They’re fun to write about. Plus they still had a lot to do and they wouldn’t leave me alone until I wrote their new adventure.

IAN. Talk about the writing process.
PC. I mainly write in the afternoon when I get home from work. I am the only one there and it is quiet (except for my dogs once in a while). On the weekends I love to get up and write with a cup of coffee before the rest of the house is up and around.

IAN. Did you use an outline or do you just wing the first draft?
PC. I’ve tried to use outlines but I can never stick to them. So I just wing it. Sometimes I even surprise myself with the direction the book takes.

IAN. How is There’s Always Tomorrow different from others in your genre?
PC. I’d love to say I’m the only one that’s ever written a book like this one, but that would be a lie. I do think it is well written and a fun read.

IAN. Is your book published in print, e-book or both?
PC. Just e-book.

IAN. What do you hope your readers come away with after reading There’s Always Tomorrow?
PC. I hope it will give the reader a little getaway from reality and will allow them to experience something different through my characters.

IAN. Where can we go to buy your books?

IAN. Tell us about your next book or a work in progress. Is it a sequel or a stand alone?
PC. I am working on a paranormal/suspense/romance titled I Remember Everything. It is the third book in my Lost Loves Series and centers around Tommy Logan and his lost love, Rachel. They were torn apart due to circumstances beyond their control but will be reunited, whether they like it or not. It is currently in edit and I hope to publish in May of 2012.

IAN. Any other links or info you'd like to share?
PC. My facebook page is:
My Amazon Author Central Page is:

There’s Always Tomorrow by Penny Childs
Paranormal Suspense

“I’ll bet you bled beautifully,” David told Mel, looking across the aisle of the jet at her.
Trevor leaned around Mel and glared at him. “I told you to shut up. I meant it.” They were taking him back to California, charged with five murders. He was making a point of being as annoying as possible, making Trevor regret not letting Wayne and Lee bring him back.
“What was it like, finding her like that, Agent Giles? The woman you love with a madman perched atop her. It must have been an incredible sight.”
“I really want to shoot him,” Trevor told Mel, who was leaned back in her seat, eyes closed. Planes lulled her to sleep. “Or maybe a gag.”
“Did it hurt, Melanie? When he cut you?”
Trevor saw Mel’s lip twitch, but other than that she ignored Mercer.
“Were you afraid, or had you made your peace?” He smiled at her. “No, I think you were probably very afraid of dying. You were still young, still had so much to live for. You were in love and had a budding career. You would have clung to life with all your might.”
“Shoot him,” Mel muttered to Trevor without opening her eyes. There was no way she was going to get a decent nap in if he wouldn’t shut up.
“These are the questions I strive to find answers for.”
Now Mel did open her eyes and look over at him. “No, you’re just a wack job who gets off on killing women who can’t defend themselves. You don’t care how they feel about it. Give me a break.” She tilted her head back again and closed her eyes.
“I’m not as one dimensional as you think I am.”
“Tell it to the judge, ‘cause I don’t care.” Mel was thinking about moving to the back of the jet so she could catch a nap. She didn’t think it would be fair to desert Trevor though.
“Don’t you dare,” Trevor said, catching her thought loud and clear.
“For better or worse my ass,” she teased.
“My lawyers are the best money can buy. I won’t see one day of prison.”
“Uh, huh.”
“I should have gotten drunk at the airport bar,” Mel grumbled.

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