Saturday, February 26, 2011

Franki deMerle Author of Dragonfly Dreams, Ripples on the Surface, and Deception Past

Franki deMerle was born in Memphis, Tennessee, and grew up in Huntsville, Alabama. She now lives in the Pacific Northwest. Her name is on the Wall of Tolerance at the Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery, Alabama. She is a founding member of the Build the Dream Foundation, building a memorial to Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr in Washington, DC. She is a former professional musician and a retired civilian employee of the United States Army. Her hobbies include yoga, gardening, knitting, and, of course, music. As well as poetry and novels, she has also written music and songs.

Dragonfly Dreams by Franki deMerle is the story of two sisters and the man one of them falls in love with. Daphne ignores the dream she has on her wedding night and finds herself trapped in an abusive marriage. She dreams that there is a man somewhere who will truly love her and treat her with respect, but she doesn’t know how to find him. Thanks to the sacrifice made by a stray cat, she finally finds the courage to escape her abusive husband.

Deandra, her sister and an army officer, sends a friend to rescue Daphne. He is a retired officer, and he turns out to be the man of Daphne’s dreams. When she meets him, the Major is preoccupied with his recent retirement. He and Daphne fall in love, and then she and Deandra discover their hidden pasts. Together, while living in the Pacific Northwest, they explore their past lives and what the past means for them in the present. This is a romance novel about dreams that connect us, dreams that come true, and dreams that reveal the past. “There are places we can only reach in our dreams while our bodies sleep.”

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